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The Piston Foundation’s newest sponsor is the magazine with the scoop on the latest classic car trends and events: Magneto.

By Christopher Perkowski

July 11, 2022

Partner Profile: Magneto Magazine

A joint venture by car enthusiasts David Lillywhite and Geoff Love, Magneto Magazine was first launched in February of 2018 at the Rétromobile show in Paris and quickly became one of the most prominent magazines in the vintage car world, winning multiple awards in the UK and US. Magneto is unique in that it is the only magazine distributed directly to thousands of major car collectors and historic motor sport competitors worldwide, guaranteeing that advertisers will reach their audience and readers will have access to the content they most enjoy. 

Concours on Savile Row

Magneto’s parent company, HotHouse Media, is just as much of a proponent of the automotive lifestyle. To celebrate the longstanding partnership between the tailors of Savile Row and vintage car manufacturers, HotHouse Media organized an exhibition known as the Concours on Savile Row, which took place during the weekend of June 15-16.

The exhibition served to highlight values of craftsmanship, fine materials, and dedication to one’s work. Of course, Magneto was there to cover this unique event. With 34 shining vehicles displayed along an inviting stretch of red carpet, the entire street was awash in a buzz of excitement. From the tailor shop demonstrations lining the street, to the groups of people vying for a glance at the beautiful vehicles, Magneto made sure to capture every moment. Several detailed stories of the event will be published on their website and in their upcoming Fall magazine issue.

Partner Promotions

The Piston Foundation is proud to join with Magneto in this sponsor partnership. Already, several joint promotions have been introduced. Magneto participated in a Piston Foundation giveaway held at Lime Rock Park this past June and supplied one of the promotion’s winning prizes in the form of a subscription to Magneto Magazine; a great gift for any vintage car enthusiast.

In order to give others the same opportunity to experience quality car content, Magneto is extending an exclusive offer to Piston Foundation supporters who will receive a $10 discount off of their purchase of a Magneto Magazine subscription. For each supporter who subscribes, Magneto will also donate an additional $10 to the Piston Foundation, making this a great way for car enthusiasts to get more of what they love while continuing to support the Foundation and its mission. Use the discount code PISTON2022 when you subscribe.

To learn more about Magneto or to join their newsletter, visit their website.

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