Driving and car culture are under threat. The lack of qualified mechanics and restoration specialists, minimal grassroots funding from industry, and the push for self-driving automobiles, mean car culture as you know it may not survive. Together, we can change that.

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The Piston Foundation’s mission is to preserve, educate, and promote car culture by providing scholarships and apprenticeships to students pursuing careers in the automotive industry and classic car restoration, and providing direct support to car enthusiast clubs, events, and museums.


We are car enthusiasts, just like you, and together we are 25 million strong. Our foundation is creating an innovative fundraising model that will harness the collective strength of all of us, and the passion we share.

We are working to raise $50 million over the next five years to provide the automotive scholarships, apprenticeships, and grassroots funding needed to preserve and promote the car culture. Join us by donating today.


Frank Buonanno Scholarship Fund

Teaching the next generation of restoration mechanics

The scholarship was created to honor Frank Buonanno, founder of Black Horse Garage. The fund will provide scholarships and apprenticeships to students pursuing careers in collector car restoration.


Kent Bain

Roger Werner

Harvey Siegal

Thomas Kresch

Philip Richter

Alois Rupp

Robert Minnick

Chris Mason

Thomas Brown

Joel Lueb

Linda Zukauskas

Fernando J Alva Mirás

Karl Maruyama

Jeff Mason

Mark Hyman


What is The Piston Foundation?

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to preserve car culture. The Piston Foundation will unite the more than 25M+ U.S. car enthusiasts on one platform and direct those resources to:

  • Provide grants and scholarships to automotive students.
  • Fund craft apprenticeship programs. 
  • Help car enthusiast clubs, events, and museums.

What makes The Piston Foundation unique?

We are unique because of our social media based fundraising approach, low management overhead, rapid growth and deployment of funds.

Where do donations come from?

Our donations come from three sources: 

  • Millions of U.S. car enthusiasts.
  • Six Piston Challenge donors who get five friends to match their donation.
  • Corporate sponsors and industry partners.

What is the Automotive Restoration Academy?

The Academy is an apprenticeship program which will standardize a quality curriculum in shops across the country, allowing students to earn as they learn the skills that will provide desperately needed restoration and maintenance services.

Will my donation make a difference?

YES! Your donation will fund grants, scholarships, and apprenticeship opportunities for students pursuing careers in the automotive industry and classic car restoration.

How do I become a Piston Brand Ambassador?

  • Spread the word to your car crew and encourage them to join you in support of The Piston Foundation.
  • Share The Piston Foundation through your social media channels. Repost and tag us! 
  • Email us for more information.



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