Funding Skilled Trade Education for Students & Technicians Who Want to Pursue a Career in the Collector Car Industry

The Piston Fund Scholarship Application is Now Open

The Piston Foundation is helping students take their first steps towards a skilled trade career in automotive craft, collector car restoration, and service. Our automotive trades scholarship helps remove financial barriers and make a skilled trade education more accessible and affordable for high school graduates and re-skilling workers who have an interest in collector cars.


At the Piston Foundation, we asked ourselves, “Who will replace the skilled craftspeople retiring today and tomorrow?” The answer was, “No one knows.” So, we set out to create a car community charity to recruit, assist, and train the next generation of skilled craftspeople and ensure car-craft skills are passed from generation to generation.


Our mission is to bring more young people into the collector car industry so the craftspeople who built this American touchstone can transfer their skills to a new generation. We fund skilled trade education for students and apprentices who want to pursue a career in automotive craft, restoration specialties, and service.


The Piston Foundation funds skilled-trade education for students and apprentices who want to pursue careers in automotive craft, restoration specialties, and service.

Piston Fund Scholarships

The collector car industry is an exciting, challenging, and rewarding place to learn a craft and build a career.

You don’t need to know everything about cars, you just need to have a passion for working with your hands and solving problems. Our automotive trades scholarship can help you get started.

Piston Academy Apprenticeships

The Piston Academy program will provide apprenticeship placements and training grants to working technicians who want to begin a career in collector car restoration.

If you are a working automotive technician who wants to begin a career in collector car restoration and service, a Piston Academy apprenticeship can provide placement and grant money to make an earn-as-learn apprenticeship possible. The Academy program will launch in 2023. 








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