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The Piston Foundation Mission Book

No One Makes it to the Finish Line Alone

By jeff mason

February 3, 2021

You may have seen our campaign tagline—No One Make It to the Finish Line Alone. We like it because it speaks to the power of teamwork in car culture, especially as we get the Piston Foundation off the ground. Lord knows starting a non-profit organization needs some teamwork, and some horsepower. Since uniting 25+ million car enthusiasts is where we’re aiming to get, then we need every team member at the top of his and her game.

Our Mission Book

On this page of the Piston Foundation Mission Book the headline reads, You are part of the 25 million car enthusiasts in the United States.

Case in point: The Piston Foundation Mission Book is now available. Check it out! Thanks to a team of dedicated volunteers working many, many hours together, this slick piece does two things: delights the eye and explains what the Foundation will accomplish.

Some amazing imagery was laid out to guide you through the ideas that we hope the community embraces: unifying millions of car enthusiasts and focusing that energy on preserving car culture, starting with scholarships that will replenish the pool of talented people we need to repair and maintain these beloved vehicles.

Helping students is a good first step because we all understand that, without a new generation involved in our passion, we’re likely to see races and car shows disappear over time. We also know that the next generations have something to contribute to what we’ve created so far.

This page of the Piston Foundation Mission Book shows the flowchart of funding to student scholarships.

A limited print run was donated by Piston Ambassador Joel Lueb at Bigger Dot digital printing service. Big shout out for his support!

Check out the ideas that are resonating with people like you, who love cars and the fun we have with them. Take a moment to digest the scholarship plan that will address one of the many pressing needs we intend to address as the Piston Foundation gets off the ground and starts to rev up. The team at the Piston Foundation is building a sustainable, efficient organization capable of preserving car culture. It’s a lot of work but, definitely worth it!

Old car-guys rule.

Support skilled trade education for future auto restoration technicians.


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