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Announcing Piston’s Official Partnership with Bring a Trailer

The Piston Foundation is proud to announce its continued and now, official, partnership with Bring a Trailer. Last year, BaT’s charity auction program helped raise $243,000 for the “Cars for Piston Scholars” campaign which provides scholarship funding  for aspiring auto-technicians. It’s clear great things can happen when Piston and Bring a Trailer work together. This continued and expanded partnership means more plans for events and programs that will benefit the car community.

By Christopher Perkowski

January 24, 2024

A Gracious Kind of Excitement

BaT’s charitable support for the Piston Foundation made a big impact in 2023 and directly funded 23 scholarships. BaT is dedicated to giving back to the car community that makes up its 1.2 million users. That’s why they’ve donated their buyer’s fee for every “Cars for Piston Scholars” auction to date. They want to see young technicians working on cars and keeping the community thriving. As such, BaT’s further involvement with Piston is an exciting development that can only help to build toward greater success. 

“We at The Piston Foundation are thrilled to expand our partnership with Bring a Trailer,” said Jeff Mason, President and COO of The Piston Foundation. “BaT’s presence in the industry is unsurpassed, and their charitable support of our initiatives is fuel for our mission.”

In auction comments, BaT’s members have also expressed enthusiasm for the partnership. @TimSim said, “We need more foundations like the Piston Foundation!! Get the next generation wrenching on rides! Thank you Bring a Trailer for doing this auction for charity!”

Randy Nonnenberg, co-founder of Bring a Trailer, said, “The Piston Foundation does incredible work. We were proud to choose them as the beneficiary of our 100,000th BaT auction last year, and we know this expanded partnership will make a lasting impact on our community. Our industry is born from passion. Expanding our partnership with the Piston Foundation helps ensure that passion carries on through the next generation of automotive professionals.”

Why a Partnership?

So, what does all of this mean, exactly? The Piston-BaT partnership largely serves to further the shared goal of giving back to the community by creating the opportunity to work together more closely. Other aims include building awareness of the Piston mission among BaT members. The increased visibility will help generate more interest in the Piston scholarship and apprenticeship programs and lead to a wider range of support. Additionally, BaT will get further visibility through all of Piston’s media channels, highlighting their charitable work. It’s a win-win-win for Piston, BaT, and the car community!

A Sneak Peek Forward

What kinds of programs can we expect to see from Piston and BaT this year? So far, there are several new plans in the works. The first is a campaign celebrating Skilled Trades Day on May 1st. It will be a great event to make the case for skilled trades, why the car community needs them, and how interested youths can begin their career path. The same goes for BaT alumni events, which Piston hopes to attend at various times throughout the year.

Lastly, Piston and BaT will continue with their collaborative bread and butter: car charity auctions. Increasing the frequency of auctions will provide more chances to share the Piston mission with the BaT community. In fact, a new auction may be just around the corner featuring a Fox TV NASCAR experience…but that’s a scoop for another time.

Piston Partnership and You

Partnerships open a whole avenue of possibilities for the kinds of things we can dream up and make. BaT’s commitment is a huge step forward in making the Piston dream and the dreams of countless young technicians come true. If all this has gotten you inspired, then we encourage you to invite your organization to join us. Visit and see how we can work together to make a difference.

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