Donate a Classic Car or Parts.

Just like a parts car can keep other cars going, your donation of a collector car or classic car parts can help keep many other cars on the road.

Selling a cherished car is always hard. But knowing it will benefit an entire industry might make it easier. When you donate your collector car or classic car parts to the Piston Foundation the proceeds from its sale or auction will go into the Piston Fund. This fund supports the next generation of collector car tradespeople. There are of course also the tax benefits of donating a vehicle which your estate or tax professionals can apprise you of.

How a car or part donation works.

Complete the form and tell us about the vehicle or part you wish to donate.

Every donation starts with you sharing information and a few photos about your intended donation. Our staff experts will review the submitted information and let you know if the vehicle or part is something we can accept.

If your donation is accepted we will arrange an independent valuation and assist with title transfers as necessary. Once the sale of your collector car or parts is complete we can offer guidance on car transportation and shipping arrangements for the buyer.

Why donate a classic car or vintage part to the Piston Foundation.

Are you a collector looking to refine or reduce your collection? Are you interested in securing your legacy in the industry we all love by donating a significant vehicle? Are you managing an estate for a car collector? Or, are you a racer who has turned the last lap in anger and looking to see your mount do one more good turn? All of these and more might be reasons why you are thinking of donating a car or part. And all are equally good reasons to do so.

The benefits of donating your collector car or parts.

The most important and fundamental benefit of donating with us is that your collector car or rare part will support the very people needed to ensure their further enjoyment. Each donation will go directly to funding skilled trade education. We also recognize that car people support car people – and a donation is a powerful way to give back to the community and culture we have enjoyed. While on the financial side, the potential tax benefits of donation should not be overlooked.

Previous Cars & Parts Donations

This Jaguar D-Type Bonnet is Helping Future Generations.

This 1956 Jaguar D-Type long-nose bonnet represents the ultimate in craftsmanship and adventure. Every curve, very rivet, every latch, is handmade. It was donated from the collection of Joel E. Finn, award-winning author, race-car driver, and computer industry pioneer. Read the whole story »



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